Pimiento verde entrando diariamente en Mojos Guachinerfe.


At Mojos Guachinerfe we guarantee the quality of our products by using fresh regional ingredients which arrive daily at our facilities where they are treated and processed to produce a completely handmade product that comes to be packaged by using the best technological advances.

Our machinery ensures a perfect container seal and vacuum so that the product arrives at your table in top condition.

Mojos Guachinerfe manufactures its different products gluten and allergens free.

Mojos Guachinerfe remains steadfast to its environmental commitment by using recyclable containers.

We have recently obtained the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification (Nr. ES 064484-1), a seal of guarantee, quality and safety with which we have the following outreach: Production of traditional Canary Mojosauces and other sauces, their commercialization in the Canary Islands, Mainland (Spain) and Abroad. Production of white label products for thirds and their distribution. This way we prove the proper implementation of our processes with highest food safety premises.

Download here our quality policy