Mojos Guachinerfe Company

Mojos Guachinerfe is a family – owned company dedicated to the traditional production of Canarian mojo sauces, such as the popular “mojo picón”. We produce our sauces with first quality fresh regional ingredients.

Our staff is young, dynamic and flexible, always committed with a continuous improvement process.

We work for our customers, with the best technological advances which allow us to produce high quality products. Mojos Guachinerfe began its operations thanks to the efforts of the Chinea Aguiar family, who early 1996 started producing mojo sauces in a very traditional way. From a two people team in 1996 to the current staff of eleven people.

The products that were first produced were the red and white sauces, both in their mild and spicy varieties. Then we started producing coriander and parsley sauces and goat’s cheese spread “almogrote” as well.

In 2005 the Guachinerfe’s special packs were born, offering the best product combinations.

In 2009, due to our committment with a continuous improvement process and innovation, we created the carrot mojo sauce and the dehydrated sauces.

Over the last years we have created the “mojo palmero” with La Palma’s pepper, both mild or spicy, the minipacks and our gourmet brand: “El Mortero Canario”.

Mojos Guachinerfe
Mojos Guachinerfe