Out of the combination of tradition, quality and freshness of the best Canarian products, the Guachinerfe variety of mild and spicy sauces is born, consisgint of a wide range of flavours which make the Canarian cuisine an unforgettable experience.
From red, green, parsley and coriander sauces to goat's cheese spread "almogrote" any single ingredient is man-made and naturally grown.


In early 2012 Mojos Guachinerfe created its new brand. El Mortero Canario which works with two different product ranges: El Mortero Canario Tradicional (traditional range) and El Mortero Canario Gourmet (gourmet range), both to fulfill the new consumer's needs.
El Mortero Canario maintains Mojos Guachinerfe's quality parameters, with a wide product variety for all tastes.