Mayonnaise 420ml

Continuing our commitment to quality in our products and in the homemade policy that characterizes us, we are very pleased to present Guachinerfe’s Mayonnaise. This product is a result of an exquisite processing based on selected ingredients that give it its perfect texture, flavour and creamy consistency. Excellent to accompany your sandwiches, hot dogs, salads, Russian salads, meats, potatoes and fishes.

Available in jars of 450ml., and catering formats of 5kg and 10kg.

The Guachinerfe’s Mayonnaise is a lactose-free product, and suitable for celiacs as it is gluten free, too.

Its maturity is of 365 days. Keep in the fridge after opening (5ºC).

- Sunflower oil
- Water
- Vinegar alcohol
- Modified corn starch
- Sal
- Sugar
- Lemon juice
- Thickener: Xanthan gum
- Conservative: potassium sorbate
- Dyes: beta-carotene and paprika extract



Mayonnaise contains egg yolk

Mayonnaise contains egg yolk.