Spicy Red Mojo Sauce

The Mojo Rojo Picante (spicy red mojo sauce), also known as “Mojo Picón” is an indispensable companinon for all Canarian plates, such as papas arrugadas (Canarian boiled potatoes), gofio (Canarian toasted flour) or meat. There’s no Canarian home that misses this mojo sauces.

Guachinerfe’s spicy red mojo sauce is one of our most sold products, not only in the local market, internationally as well.

Elaborated with fresh regional ingredients, this mojo sauce has a spicy flavour and a natural colour as well, therefore it has no colouring.

The spicy red mojo sauce is apt for coeliac patients, as it’s gluten free.

Its maturity is of 730 days. To be kept in the fridge after opening (5ºC).

- Sunflower oil
- Peppers
- Wine vinegar
- Paprika powder
- Salt
- Garlic
- Spices
- Thickener: Xanthan Gum
- Garlic extract
- Paprika extract
- Acidifier: citric acid